Mtb backpack

Mtb backpack


Today I have decided to write about how to choose the best Mtb backpack. It will be the first post in a series where I’ll talk about the material. Although I am not a fan of the latest trends, yes I think that to go to the mountain and perform normal activity you have to take into account a number of factors when choosing it, plus the price and advice from friends.

In my opinion when buying a backpack MTB, ENDURO above all you have to take into account what type of activity you usually do: Will you go out on weekend mornings with friends? Do you want to prepare for resistance tests or make long routes? Or what really cool is you spend several days lost riding your mountain bike?

Once you have thought about this point and with a backpack in your hand, you will also have to analyze: its ergonomics, how it fits your body, its lightness, perspiration, the hydration system, the compartments, the reflective elements and the hooks, for example.


The best MTB backpack for you, I’ll be better suited to your complexion. Your back will thank you.


The backpack should be adjusted to your back to perfection. Try with and without weight and if you can move on a bike. Please note that when you make your exits, in case of not being the proper backpack will stick you when you take a few hours of activity… At first all are very light and comfortable.


Since you are going to spend your money, check the lightness of the materials and make the backpack as light as possible, keeping all the benefits.


It is important to avoid discomfort such as chafing or blistering. In the long run you will notice how important this factor is… even because the back dries faster and the smell that will release the backpack.


This point you will have very clear, if you have analyzed correctly the first point of this post. From there, you should think: do I need my backpack to have a camelback incorporated or do I have enough of the bike drums? What is the weather like in which you usually do the activity? Does my bike have double suspension and can I only carry a drum?


The compartments are necessary to be able to carry the necessary elements, but without passing us (multitools, pump, camera, gels, keys, mobile, money, etc). Always keep in mind, that the more weight, less comfort… so you have to think what elements are essential and carry only with them.


If the backpack has areas and reflective elements, better than better, because it will always look better and will be safer.

Once you have analyzed these points, you will surely choose the best backpack for you, which will allow you to optimize your performance in the Enduro and Mountain Bike exits. If you want an orientation regarding the brands, for me the best are: Dakine, Deuter and EVOC. Once you have your backpack on your back, you should keep in mind what to wear in it. And I’ll explain that in the next post.

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