e-bike en el Valle de Arán

E-Bike Val d'Aran

Tired of pedaling? Discover the best routes with e-bike through the Aran Valley

Do you want to enjoy the awsome landscapes at Arán Valley on a beautiful electric bike? Do you want to make tourism sustainable, without friends making excuses? Are you tired of pedaling along endless slopes that do not let you enjoy the tour? Mtn Lines offers you the possibility to discover the best routes with e-bike in the Catalan Pyrenees.

What is an electric bike?

An e-bike, electric bike or pedaling bike is just a conventional bike with an electric engine that runs on a portable rechargeable battery.

Is it suitable for all?

The e-bike is suitable for anyone who knows how to ride a bicycle. The effect of the engine is very pleasant, since on the slopes you feel as if someone pushes you from behind. Just turn on the engine!

What advantages do they have?

  • They allow you to easily overcome the positive slopes and the wind against.
  • Electric bicycles combine pleasure with sustainability.
  • Its more sustained driving, makes it possible to enjoy the landscape with complete safety and without excessive fatigue.
  • They produce a smooth, comfortable and silent movement.

What does the tour include?

  • 1/2 day or full day.
  • Small groups, 7 people maximum.
  • Local titled guides.
  • Support van with trailer.
  • Rent of the E-Bike

What zones can be discovered?

The Catalan Pyrenees and the Aran Valley: the neighborhood of Vielha and its surroundings both in the Baix Aran as Naut Aran.

What is the norm?

In the European Union and in Spain, legally for purposes of circulation are considered as bicycles, provided that:

  • Have a weight of less than 40 kg.
  • Only provide assistance while pedaling.
  • The engine disconnects from 25 km / h.
  • Its power does not exceed 250 W.


Send us an email to info@mtnlines.com or call us at 617 448 761 and we will solve all your doubts.
You will also find more information at this link https://mtnlines.com/mtb/clases-mtb/e-bike/

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  1. Michel van de Scheur on

    Good evening. Is it possible to rent E MTB if we go with you on a 1 day tour? 3th week of July.


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