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And so end up being professional guide

Hi, my name is Eduardo and it costs me a lot to write … but this project I start, deserves the effort.

Effort to tell you what the mountains, skiing, freeride and Enduro mean for me. A passion that has become my profession and I hope to share with you through my company Mountain Lines established in the heart of the Pyrenees (Valley of Arán, in aranés, Val d’Aran).

I do not remember the first time I rode a mountain bike, what I do remember is that from a very small, I peered out the window of my house in Valladolid and thought of doing activity on the mountain, in the snow, looking for line, descending, feeling the speed … And I was getting a huge smile!

Then, thinking about my youth, when I went to study in 1998 to Sierra Nevada, I come to mind those endless conversations about the best skiing techniques to achieve the perfect descent. Those discussions about whether to flex first, then turn or was better the opposite.

Avalanche Forecaster

Years later, when I went to Whistler (Canada) to study on avalanches and work as a monitor, I studied and did some English courses to take the necessary level … and once there, I did not lack resources for give ski lessons to the students … In fact I repeated the experience for 5 years.

I chose Whistler because there they go many years ahead in the study of avalanches and snow science. From the best I learned everything I could and since 2012 I put it into practice in the Training Committee of ACNA (Association for the Knowledge of Snow and avalanches), association to which I belong since 2010. Also, I am a trainer in STA 1 (Security in Land avalanches).


And … when the snow is over, what can you do? … MTB (Mountain Bike) of course! Taking advantage of my desire to travel … I also obtained the degree in Mountain Bike as Instructor and Guide in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park and also I was able to see my Canadian friends.

Do you want to know more about me? Do you want to know the secret places of the Vall d’Aran? Do you want to enjoy as when you were a child, but fulfilling all the security requirements? … You know where to find me … The best outings by bike or skis in Valle de Aran wait

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