Enduromies Enduro area in the Aran Valley

This area became known relatively recently, only about 10 years ago, with the creation of a mythical descent, the SANGLIER, beginning in Montromies and ending in Salardú, followed by the creation of ETH TARO with the same beginning and end in Arties.


The PRUEDO link arrived with the contribution of a fairly good height path and adding a few meters to any of these descents

later the ETH TARO BLU links were created, let’s not make a mistake with the name because Blue only has the Blu

GREEN ROCKS excellent narrow section that is accessed from the track or in a detour in SANGLIER Blu

and the spectacular variant of 25598 (Salardú postal code) also known as the numbers.

Primarily North facing and about 500 meters from Montromies and about 1000 m from Pruedo

A total of 3 Descents with 3 variants and the entrance link from Pruedo which can be accessed by means of LIFTS

Remontes MTB Valle de Aran

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