Freeride SKI and MTB enduro guides

Shuttles DH y enduro, Aran Valley, Pyrenees

We take you to the top so you don’t stop enjoying the downhill with your friends

We want you to only worry about making your best descent

If you are downhill lover and single tracks seeker, this is your place, we make it easy for you to spend the full day focus on MTB Enduro.

This is what the experience includes

Additional Hires

ZONES Shuttles Aran Valley MTB

BASSA DE OULES - BARICAUBA - Vielha Mountain Bike park area ,

Price by person

4 people minimum

Un total de 5 bajadas y enlaces que nos brindan bajadas de entre 400 y 800m

Montromies Montaña donde encontraremos la zona de Enduromies

Un total de 3 bajadas con 3 variantes con unos 500 m desde Montromies y unos 1000 m dede Pruedo

Price by person

4 people minimum

Zona Entecada con su mítica bajada

Price by person

4 people minimum

Subida +550m (desde el remonte)
Bajada -1320m

Costa Heireda inferior
- 300m

Costa Heireda Superior
+ 450m
- 650m

Pack Full Day

3 Montromies with Pruedo

4 Baricauba

4 people minimum

This is said by those who have already tried it

Speechless!!!!! I doubt that there is a better company that offers you a better experience than the one we have had this weekend, Edu is a sun, the guide of the first day, a crack, 10 as a guide and 10 as a person, the guide of the second day, another 10 in everything!!!! In short, they made us feel at home. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!
Guillermo Martinez
We have been with Edu doing MTB lifts, he is a great professional and has advised us in the area and taken us to unique environments. Great experience, we will definitely repeat
Iván López Agreda
Eduardo, the best MTB instructor in the world, responsible, nice, friendly and above all a great professional, I was a rookie (especially at my age) now I'm riding trails and mountains, enjoying beautiful landscapes, peaks and hills, going down READY with safety and confidence, all thanks to the classes I took with Edu in the Valla de Aran. So MOUNTAIN LINES, highly recommended.

4 steps to book your shuttles Aran Valley

But who is behind all this?

A team that enjoys their work.

We know that you come to spend your free time and we love that you decide to enjoy it with us.

I imagine that with more than 7 years of experience in such a new sector we will be doing something right.

Hi, I am Eduardo Gonzalez

Everything we have learned is to help you live the experience more closely.

Manager Mountain Lines

A fan of mountain sports, especially skiing and enduro mtb, with extensive experience in training, he promotes this project, where his passions and experiences as a skier, nivologist and biker are reflected.

Hi, I am Alfonso Redondo


I am 25 years old and I am a native of Valle de Arán, since I was little my passion has been cycling, I have competed in Biketrial as a young man and luckily I live in a paradise for this sport, I really enjoy practicing and sharing my knowledge about cycling.

Now that we know each other a little more. You sign up?

What lift service do you want to hire to enjoy enduro or DH in a unique environment in the Pyrenees?

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