Freeride SKI and MTB enduro guides

Freeride Camp

Baqueira Beret

Freeride camp in Baqueira

Freeride ski camp at the Baqueira Beret resort.

Five days of progression in your technique and management of the environment, the group and safety on snowy terrain.


  • Five days of Activity.
  • 7h day.
  • Freeride ski techniques.
  • Skiing techniques on soft snow.
  • Ski slope.
  • Avalanche Bulletin reading.
  • Beacom, Shovel and probe.
  • Weather reading.


  • Learn and improve Freeride ski technique.
  • Factors that affect decision making in winter terrainl.
  • Use the Avalanche Danger Bulletin and meteorological reports.
  • Use of Beacom safety material, Shovel and Probe

Meeting point


Set everything in the reservation


Booking and Questions



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    From January 22 to 24

    3 days      350€


    Curso Aludes STA 1. Acna.

    Avalanche Training 1

    - Rescue initiation
    - Meteorology
    - Activity planning
    - Group management

    Freeride camp Baqueira

    Freeride Guides

    - Off-piste Skiing
    - Ski specific gear
    - Safety gear
    - Small groups

    Clases Esquí Alpino

    Alpine Skiing Technique

    - Track Technique
    - Ski specific gear
    - Curve control
    - Flexion Skiing

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