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AST 1 Training


AST 1 Training

Avalanche Terrain Safety Course STA 1

This course is intended for those Mountaineers, Skiers, Snowboarders and all those winter mountain users who want to begin to understand how to manage the terrain, the weather and the group; in winter activities.

Two parts:

  • Theoretical Classes 6 hours spread over 2 days, 1 online and another in-person
  • Practical Classes 12 hours in 2 days


  • Avalanche problems.
  • Choice of land.
  • Elementary Nivology
  • Group Management
  • Rescue
  • Meteorology
  • Read and interpret the
  • Avalanche Bulletin

Meeting Point


If there are 5 or more of you, contact us through the form and check the group box for better management and offers.

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Booking and Questions


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    • 18hr
    • 200€




    • Notes
    • Snow Card
    • Pre-course information




    • Book
    • Magnifying
    • Snow plate
    • Avalanche Essential Book


    Avalanche course AST 2

    AST 2

    - Rescue Advanced
    - Meteorology
    - Snow profile
    - Snow forecasting

    Freeride camp Baqueira

    Freeride Guides

    - Off-piste skiing
    - Specific Ski material
    - Safety gear
    - Small groups

    Baqueira freeride Lessons

    Alpine Skiing Technique

    - Groomed Technique
    - Ski specific gear
    - Curve control
    - Flexion Skiing

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