Freeride SKI and MTB enduro guides

Alpine Skiing Technique

Baqueira Beret

Alpine Skiing Technique

Perfect your Alpine skiing technique

Progress with the help of Alpine Ski coaches

Specific exercises for your level

  • Private Lessons
  • Gear Rental

Learn and perfect your technique

  • Alpine Ski technique lessons from certified and experienced professionals.
  • Specialists in advanced Alpine Ski progressions.
  • Specific for Progression Technique.

Class Formats

  • Full day
  • By Hours (minimum 2hr)

Meeting point

Set everything in booking


Newsletter and Questions



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    price up to 4 students

    1 hour                 55€

    2 hours             110

    3 hours            155€

    4 hours           200€

    Full day      320€



    from December 26 to January 7 and Feb. weekends

    1 hour              60€

    2 hours          120€

    3 hours          175€

    4 hours          225€

    Full day        350€



    General Season

    from 1:00 p.m.

    1 hour         50€

    2 hours        95€

    3 hours      140€

    4 hours       185€


    *The price of the private class is up to 4 students / teacher. For each extra student, €10/hour must be added to the base price.

    Clases freeride Baqueira

    Freeride lessons

    - Soft Snow Technique
    - Ski specific material
    - Winter safety
    - Slope Skiing


    Private ski lessons

    - Private lessons for adults and children
    - All levels
    - Expert teachers
    - Flexible schedule

    Freeride camp Baqueira

    Freeride Guides

    - Off-piste Skiing
    - Ski specific gear
    - Safety material
    - Small groups

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