Ski lessons Baqueira

Ski lessons Baqueira, Private lessons a la carte from beginners to expert levels, children or adults.

Alpine Ski and Snowboard lessons are designed to give you technical expertise, With practice and a good choice of terrain, we will be able to adapt to our skiing style..


  • Learn (technique) and have fun, discover skiing as a sport and a tool to understand the environment.


  • Above the cabin (TC Baqueira) in Baqueira, there we will start our class and depending on your needs we will move to an area or anothera.
  • It is also possible to start at Beret (al lado de ski service). Need to communicate with time.


  • From 9 – 17 h.
  • Many days starting at 9 is the best choice you can take.

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    • Level
    • Location
      Aran Valley
    • Duration
      1 - 8h
    • Discipline
    • Season
      Dic - Abr
    • People
      1 - 7
    • Price

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    1 hora55€55€60€70€
    2 horas100€100€120€140€
    3 horas155€155€180€200€
    4 horas200€200€230€250€


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    • Lessons
    • Local guides and instructors
    • Accident Insurance and CR

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    NO Included:

    • Skis/Snowboard
    • Ski pass
    • Lunch
    • Accommodation


    Essential gear:

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    • Skis
    • Poles
    • Ski pass

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    • Clothes for the activitie
    • Money for extras
    • Snacks


    Ski and Snowboard Lessons Baqueira

    We learn a sport through having fun and perseverance. It is essential that the student whether child or adult has a good time. For that reason we will always ask questions at the beggining of the class to learn as much as possible from the student to be able to individualize the lesson.

    Gear Rental

    a la carte from beginners to expert levels, children or adults.
    Do you need to rent Skis, Boots…, tell us about the reservation and we will give you solutions, we collaborate with Ski Service in Baqueira which is on the cabin Base (TC Baqueira and in Beret next to the control tower at the meeting point.


    We belong to the Association of Teachers of Winter Sports of Arán Valley.
    That certifies that all workers meet the legal requirements in both degrees and insurances to perform this activity.