Freeride SKI and MTB enduro guides

Private Ski Lessons

Baqueira Beret

Private Ski Lessons

Private ski lessons for the whole family.

We offer you everything you need to make your vacation a success..

Learn in a safe and organized way, we adapt to your needs.

  • Private Leassons
  • Material Rental

Learn and improve your technique

  • Ski lessons in Baqueira-Beret from qualified and experienced professionals.
  • Children’s specialists, Adults of all levels, Methodology development.
  • Specific for Freeride technique and initiation. 

Class Formats

  • Full day
  • Per Hours (minimum 2h)
  • Courses for children (Ask)

Meeting point

Set everything up in the Booking


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    price up to 4 students

    1 hour/day      55€

    2 hour/day    110€

    3 hour/day   155€

    4 hour/day   200€

    Full day      300€



    from December 26 to January 7

    1 hour/day      60€

    2 hour/day   120€

    3 hour/day    175€

    4 hour/day    225€

    Full day        350€



    General Season from 1:00 p.m.

    1 hour/day      50€

    2 hour/day    95€

    3 hour/day  145€

    4 hour/day  185€



    *The price of the private lesson is up to 4 students/teacher. For each extra student, €10/hour must be added to the base price.

    Clases freeride Baqueira

    Freeride Lessons

    - Soft Snow Technique
    - Ski specific material
    - Safety procedure
    - Slope Skiing

    Clases Esquí Alpino

    Alpine Skiing Technique

    - Groomed Technique
    - Specific Ski Gear
    -Turn control
    - Skiing by Flexion

    Freeride camp Baqueira

    Freeride Guides

    - Off-piste Skiing
    - Specific ski equipment
    - Safety material
    - Small groups

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