To carry in a MTB backpack, in an enduro run

To carry in a MTB backpack

To carry in a backpack MTB, minimum essential!

Once you have chosen the MTB backpack that fits your needs, as explained in the previous post, raises the question to carry in a MTB backpack? Good for now I will tell you what is the basic content-essential to carry in this backpack MTB.

It is also important to consider whether you are going to do the activity alone or in group, because in this second case, you can distribute the elements of the kit and the medicine cabinet, and so between all make the weight of each backpack members of the group Be the minimum. It is also very important to have the bike ready and well oiled… will avoid having to repair many breakdowns.

To carry in a MTB backpack for a few hours of activity

If for example, I will only be doing activity tomorrow, I charge the backpack with the minimum:

  • Water and food: I like to carry a banana by the contribution of potassium gives you and enough water to be well hydrated (depends on the area and the time of year), so I avoid those birds that make you have such a bad time.
  • Puncture repair Kit (camera, air pump and disassembling lever).
  • Basic First aid kit with the indispensable for a fall or blow (iodine, gauze, strips and bandages that replace the stitches).
  • Mobile charged for use in case of emergencies.
  • Whistle (hanging from one of the suspenders), especially if I go alone, to use it in case of having a bad fall and get other people to listen to you.
  • Spare links, as they weigh little and can get you out of a pinch. You have to know the size of the chain of your bike.
  • Multitools, yes that razor with keys of all kinds. Mine even has chain tool and screwdriver.
  • Some toilet paper or clines in case you give me a squeeze… By the way, it is very unpleasant to find traces of toilet paper on all sides… if we all want to enjoy nature we must be careful and not leave our footprint with traces of gels, paper, etc… So don’t throw anything away, please.

Do not forget that we will leave with warm clothes on, that after a while of activity and in the central hours of the day, surely we take off and put in the backpack.

To carry in a MTB backpack for a day of activity

If I am going to spend a whole day doing activity, the weight increases, but as normally I go in group we distribute the elements of the kit and the repair kit, for example in a group of 4 or 5 people, with which they carry 2 complete kits is enough.
So, to what I mentioned earlier, I add:

  • More food and more water: a sandwich, an apple and some gel if I go through.
  • A frontal, in case you throw the night on us.
  • First Aid Kit more assortment: cocoa for the lips, sunscreen, tweezers, ibuprofen, physiological serum, etc.
  • Spare batteries for GPS.
  • Extra battery for the mobile.
  • Spray in case the bike is punctured and we do not have time to fix it.
  • Utility knife.
  • And depending on the time of year, I add a thermal blanket.
  • Finally, taking into account the area, I also usually add a folding saw to cut branches and to be able to clean the trails.

In short, these are all the elements that integrate my backpack when I go to practice ENDURO or mountain bike. As I said at the beginning, you always have to weigh what to include to try to carry the minimum, which allows us to get out in any accident or unforeseen that may happen.

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